Aircraft exteriors will fade with UV exposure and weather damage. Paint is not just for looks but a protection to the aircraft airframe from corrosion and weather damage. Wear and tear on the paint due to flight operations can cause fading, nicks and scratches on the paint, making your aircraft look old and uncared for. Periodic paint restoration will give longer life for the paint and better protection for the airframe from corrosion and weather damage.
Imagine being able to take your dull, worn paint job and bring back the shine and lustre it once had! Painting is extremely expensive, not to mention the inconvenience of downtime at the owner’s expense. You are at the mercy of the painter’s schedule and without an aircraft for an undeclared amount of time.

Sky Aviation can save you thousands! We are excited to offer our paint restoration process. It will restore your tired paint to a smooth deep gloss finish. Our specialized crew will come to you or work in conjunction with your chosen Maintenance Provider. Compared to weeks of downtime, Sky Aviation only needs a few days to make your existing paint look new again!

We have built our business around serving the aviation industry and know it very well. We have the highest level of workmanship using only the best tool/products, to deliver what we have promised and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Sky Aviation’s expert paint correction and restoration team will inspect your aircraft paint to assess its condition. We measure the paint surface thickness before starting our process and compile a report for reference. Then we manually prepare the aircraft using either clay bars and or mechanical polishing tools to remove contaminants. After multiple rounds of this, the exterior of the aircraft is washed, which all leftover residues and compounds are completely removed.

After a thorough cleaning and drying of the surfaces, we mix and blend paint to match your aircraft paint using our Final Touch franchise. Then the exterior is buffed and polished. We will then carefully touch up the nicks and scratches to make your planes paint look like new. The colour and gloss of the paint will improve multiple times with our paint restoration process.

This will be a fraction of the cost of repainting the entire aircraft, but will give your paint the added life and protection from airframe corrosion.

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