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1. Who we are

Sky Aviation is a division of the Sky Group of companies, who offer services to the Aviation, Automotive, Marine & Residential Sectors.
We are fully Trained, Dedicated, Trustworthy and Insured.

We are incorporating NZ CAA Licensed Aircraft Engineers, experienced in both General Aviation and Airline Sectors of the Industry. We have vast experience, knowledge and the attention to detail required to safely and effectively carry out detailing on your aircraft, however large or small the project.

We follow the relevant aircraft manufacturer instructions where applicable and observe the guidelines of AC43.13-1B. We always utilise industry best practices for the appropriate procedures.

2. What we do

At Sky Aviation, our goal is to be the very best that aviation detailing has to offer. From prompt and personal service to making sure we address every last detail, we want our experience with you to be unforgettable.

We make it our commitment to stay on top of the newest technology in detailing. We use only the nest products that guarantee our customers the best results. When it comes to the guaranteed upkeep of your aircraft, Sky Aviation is truly as clean as it gets.
We provide the Aviation Industry with Aircraft Detailing Services.

Having trouble with your dry, faded and oxidized paint? Sky Aviation will return it to a high gloss, swirl-free shine at a fraction of the cost of a respray.

3. Proffessional Team

Owner | Aircraft Engineer | Detailer

Vitaliano Escobedo

I am an NZ certified aircraft engineer and have also worked for Air New Zealand. With over 15+ year experience in aviation, you can count on me and my team to get the job not only done but to exceed your standards. Allowing you to get you back into the sky with a peace of mind.


Rocheneil De La Cruz

Roche has joined our team in 2020, and is learning exponentially fast and demonstrating the true meaning of the words hard work, perseverance and loyalty.


Denisse Sagers

Dee is one of our more seasoned detailing technicians. She knows paint like no other and isn’t afraid of any project big or small. She also specializes in paint touch-ups and is our go-to person for ensuring your touch-ups are done to an impeccable standard.

Admin | Detailer | Former Jet Technician

Joshua Olver

I have a background In US Naval Aviation on the F-18 Super Hornet platform. I have over five years of experience with maintaining, handling and preforming essential maintenance with safe for flight clearance. I have always had a love for all things aviation since I was a young and can now continue this passion while helping you!

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